Power & Providers/Transformer


Our team of project cargo experts understands the specialised handling needs of odd and over-dimensional cargo such as transformers and other equipments with unlimited weight restrictions.

Selection of specialised vehicles, project registration, route surveys, and loading is executed with engineering precision acquired through more than three decades of experience.

Power/Transformer Division Africa

SHEQ – OHS Act & Environmental Policy

  • Safety File as per Construction Regulations
  • Personnel Trained in Safety
  • Fall Arrestor Training
  • Medical Red Ticket
  • Risk Assessments
  • HV Regulations
  • Authorisation
  • Fire Fighting
  • First Aid

Transformer Hot & Cold Commissioning Services

  • Shipping Freight Handling (Import/Export) Customs Clearance all Ports Continent of Africa.
  • Transport from Harbour Offloading under hook onto Lowbeds to Warehouse/Yard for Storage.
  • Complete Erection of Transformers ranging from 1MVA-800MVA / 3.3KV-400KV Abnormal.
  • Site Services Rigging up to 500 Tons from and to Plinth. Site Assembly, Vacuum, Oil Treatment & Sampling.
  • Site Removal & Oil Handling, Site Maintenance (Re Gasket, Welding, Internal Inspections, Rust Treatment & Painting).
  • Cold Comm: Full Range of Electrical & Protection Tests, latest computer aided test equipment (Tan Delta, SFRA, Impedance, Etc).
  • Hot Comm: Inter Phasing the Transformer proper with all secondary equipment, relay protection settings & control inter phasing.
  • Assembly Completed kitted tool-trailer for Transformer Assembly assisted by Mobile Cranes (All & Rough Terrain) & Crane Trucks.
  • Fluidex Mobile Oil Plant, Onboard Vacuum Booster Pump, Eskom Specifications, Plant Capability of 8000 Litre per Hour, PPM Analyzer.
  • Equipment with Automatic Shut-Down Valves during Power failures preventing Oil spills. All Vacuum & Oil pipes ESKOM Specification.
  • CPC 100 Test Kit / Oil Circulator / Insulation Tester/ plus additional equipment & competent Oil Operator Plants.
  • CMC 256 Secondary Injection Set plus various tools required in the commissioning of Substations throughout South Africa.
  • Taking of Oil Samples for submission to either Eskom / Enviroil / Powertech & Oil testing laboratories’ for detailed analysis.
  • Topping-up Transformer Oil, drawing vacuum, process of Oil prior to filling using Mobile Oil Plant.
  • Final Handover, detailed test reports & Quality Permissive Supporting Documentation including daily site diary, photographs.
Africa by Road Haulage : Botswana / Congo DRC / Lesotho / Malawi / Namibia / Swaziland / Zambia / Zimbabwe.
Africa by Road & Sea : Angola / Congo / Ghana / Kenya / Mozambique / Tanzania / All other Ports West & East.

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