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The 33rd Degree Support and Maintenance Program is a comprehensive program designed and engineered to provide customers complete confidence when it comes to 33rd Degreeā€™s suite of specialist service offerings & deliverables. Because 33rd Degree is committed to providing the highest levels of Personal, Logistical, technical and tactical are assured that the services they contract will grow their business brand with their customers as the business needs to evolve.

Corporate Operations : Cape Town South Africa

Registered Address. : Toronto Canada

Our support plan includes

Telephone 25/8/366: +27(0)832501082
24 Hour emergency: +27(0)839896609
Skype support: corp33rddegree
Email support:

Issue escalation based on severity

Partner: +27(0)823807105
Logistics South Africa: +27(0)827841431
Logistics Africa: +27(0)832501083